DIY - How to fix a Garbage Disposal

Bloedorn Lumber DIY - How to fix a Garbage Disposal
How to unclogg a garbage disposal
DIY- Kitchen
Bloedorn Lumber DIY - How to trip a Breaker
How to fix a Garbage Disposal
How to unclogg a Garbage Disposal
DIY- Kitchen
DIY- Kitchen

Garbage Disposal Repair

Your garbage disposal is probably the most convenient and often used tools in your kitchen. It's a fast, easy way to get rid of wasted food. It's also probably one of the simplest appliances in your kitchen to fix. If you're garbage disposal goes wrong chances are it's one of two things, either it's clogged or you've tripped the breaker on the disposer itself.


If your garbage disposal unit is not working probably it's simple to troubleshoot. One of two issues has probably happened. When you go to turn on your disposal and you hear nothing then you've probably tripped the breaker on your disposer. The other common problem is that your unit or drain is clogged. You'll know this is the case if you turn on the unity and hear a hum and nothing will pass through the drain.

Tripping the Breaker

Most garbage disposers come with an individual breaker on the unit itself. This, at times, will trip when you go to use it. You will know that this has happened when you turn on the unit and nothing happens. Don't worry, this is an easy repair and will only take seconds.

Steps to reset:

  1. Turn your main switch off
  2. Find a button located on the bottom of your disposer
  3. Push to reset

If this is indeed the problem than by taking the above steps your garbage disposal will be running like new. Curing the Clogged Disposal

If you turn on your disposal and it hums but you're not hearing the normal grind of a hardworking disposer then chances are you've got a clog. Don't worry, this fix may take a few more steps but it is still an easy fix.

  1. Turn off and unplug your unit
  2. With pliers reach down the drain in your sink and remove anything that appears to be caught. If you remove an object like silverware or large food objects than this could be the simplest of problems. To test, plug your unit back in (hands no longer in the drain) and turn on your disposal.
  3. For the more complex clog you'll have to remove the unit from the sink. To do this you'll need to use the Allen wrench that should have come with your unit. If you no longer have the tool, you can find what you need at any Bloedorn Lumber location.
  4. At this point you'll want to place a small bucket or bowl and plastic on the base of your cabinet.
  5. Unscrew your disposer from the attached PVC waste pipe. Then use your Allen wrench to remove the unit from the base of your sink.
  6. With a long screwdriver or pipe cleaner remove any clog from the PVC waste pipe.
  7. Re-attach the disposer from to the PVC waste pipe and your sink.
  8. Plug in and test.

By unclogging any debris from both your disposer and the waste pipe that leads to your primary sink drain you should have a full functional garbage disposal system. Contact your local Bloedorn Lumber store for all of your kitchen and plumbing repair needs. With hundreds of products and tools Bloedorn is your DIY specialist. Shop 24/7 at our online DOit Best retail shop.